Is there a subscription fee?

There is absolutely no subscription fee or tricky rules with Bento Club. You can order for just one day or order ahead for the entire week. There is no minimum of any sort.

What happens if I miss my pick-up time?

We will always call you before we leave and wait for you if it won't cause delays to people who are waiting at the next stop. In the event where you do miss the pickup, you can meet us at the next stop. Or we’ll make our best effort to circle back after we finish at the last stop, which is usually around 12:40pm. If all else fails, we will donate your food to local charities.

Do I need to tip the driver?

No tipping needed! However, if you miss your pick-up and our drivers go out of their way to drop it off for you, a small tip would be appreciated.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes! Cancellations are accepted before 10am on the day of delivery. Please email support or call/text (415) 286-5436. We’ll issue a full refund right away.

What happens when the driver arrives early?

Sometimes we arrive earlier than the scheduled time. Don’t worry; we never leave early. Drivers will stay til the end of the scheduled time window before we move on to the next stop.

What happens when the driver is late?

No matter how late things are, we will stay at each stop for at least 10 minutes, giving everyone enough time to come by after they have received the arrival text message.

I didn’t receive the receipt email. What happened?

95% of the time the email got filtered to your Spam or Promotion folder. Please mark our emails as Not Spam to help us keep you posted on your orders. If you still don't see it, the order probably didn’t go through. Please make sure to complete the entire checkout flow.

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